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History of Whisky in the Outer Hebrides

Scotch whisky is world famous much loved and copied, just like another much loved Scottish export Highland Cattle, whiskey distilleries can be found from Japan to the USA, but unlike Highland Cattle, only whisky that has been distilled, blended and matured in Scotland can be called Scotch. The spelling is also unique, Scotch Whisky is spelled without an ‘e’  almost everywhere else in the world it's Whiskey. 

The last legal distillery on the Isle of Lewis was the Shoeburn Distillery, built in the Shoeburn Gorge by Mr Stewart Mackenzie.  The distillery was built at a cost of £14,000, and started production around 1829 or 1830, it was hoped to replace the many illicit stills that were situated all over the islands, closing the stills was also a means of improving  the health and morals of the islanders, believed Mr Mackenzie! 

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