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It isn't just the old folk either, a few of the young girls said the place gives them the creeps! It is beautiful though, in daylight, the Mountains form the backdrop and with small hills either side, the valley shelters from the storms which are frequent, swiftly the river flows through the valley. The river with two names, only the latter was translated to English - Abhainn Dearg, Red River, you won't find it on an OS map, only Abhainn Caslabhat, but what use is legend to a modern map maker? 

The stories stretch back to pre history, these pages will be the only mention on the Internet. 

There's a lot of archeology on Lewis that pre-dates history, the Callanish Stones are probably the most famous. This was a land of Pagan Gods, ritual and magic, oh how beliefs have changed, but not the passion of the islands conviction.

References to fairies, fairy mounds and the like are as recent as the late 1800's and of course there is the Selkie to consider.  The sea peoples, mythical creatures who live primarily as seals, but can assume human form by removing their seal skin.

The Norse ruled here, but were seen off and much blood has been spilt over this land, now those that fought are gone, and those that died all those years ago are nameless, perhaps, just maybe, their spirits live on? 

The tales we can tell are not fact, nor are they fiction, written records are scant and confused, the stories are gleaned from the folk of Uig and have been passed down through history.

For more information about Uig it's people and history visit Comann Eachdraidh Uig - Uig Historical Society

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