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Myth and Legend

The Celtic Warrior by Russell Barnett.Dedicate to a good friend and true modern Celtic hero, Mark Tayburn

Grey rock strewn hills glower down,
As the powerful foreigner makes his way,
His battle scarred visage hard arrogant,
Confidence lighting powerful frown,
Noble warrior with royal warrant,
Fearless strides to Uig on a fated day;

The old lady tried to explain, but she didn't know the full story, just tales from her youth, she knew you shouldn't wander there when night falls.  Once you hear the rumors the whole atmosphere of the place changes and you wonder.

Coinneach Odhar Fiosaiche (Kenneth Mackenzie) was born at Baile-na-Cille, in the Parish of Uig around the beginning of the seventeenth century.There are several stories as to how he received the 'gift' of second site, here is just one of them.

Having thus disposed of the seer himself, we next proceed to give in detail the fulfillment of the prophecies regarding the family of his cruel murderer. And we regret to say that the family of Seaforth will, in this connection, fall to be disposed of finally and for ever, and in the manner which Coinneach had unquestionably predicted.

MACINTYRE supplies the following account of the Seaforth prophecy and the Seer's death, as related at this day, in the Black Isle:--

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