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Loch Scaslavat is located a quarter-mile southwest of Carnish and a mile east of Mangersta, it's a relatively deep loch with easy access from the road. Loch Scaslavat is available for the public to fish on a 'catch and release' basis, if anybody does want to keep their catch then an 'honesty box' system applies.  Fishing the islands lochs is a source of pure joy, in years past they were full of fish and inspired many a youngster to take up fishing, a hobby that stayed with many throughout their lives. Fishing in it's many forms has been the mainstay of the islands through good and bad times, it is part of island culture and although the fleets of fishing boast are almost gone the many lochs and rivers still provide sport for todays keen fishermen. 

It's important to Abhainn Dearg that a balance is maintained, so we will continue to replenish the loch with fish and hopefully build it up to be self sustaining so generations to come will have the pleasure of 'hooking a big one' and take an interest in their environment, treasure it for the next generation. 

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