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Highland Cattle don’t have a fat layer like other cattle, because of this Highland beef is lean. Independent testing has shown that highland beef is lower in cholesterol than chicken and also contains less fat, due to that special thick insulating double layered coat. Tests done by the Scottish Agricultural College have proved that Highland Beef is significantly lower in fat andHighland cattle behind a carving of a Lewis Chessman cholesterol, and higher in protein and iron than other beef.

A large part of Lewis has been designated an SSSI by Scottish Natural Heritage, they total 15 in all including parts of Uig.  Highlands are good for maintaining the machair, the grassland around the beaches. Whilst chewing merrily on the machair they don't damage the land and fertilize as they go.  

The Abhainn Dearg herd should increase in the next few years, hopefully they will be grazing the paddock in front of the distillery - once the barley has been harvested! At the moment they benefit from the  'spent grain' that has been left over, and they thrive on it

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