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Trees planted alongside the river at Abhainn Dearg

Although the majority of the barrels we use are American Oak, whilst our wash tubs are of Douglas Fir, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do ‘our bit’ to replace that resource. The Hebrides once boasted forests that covered the islands, so the old wives tale that 'trees won’t grow here' doesn’t hold sway.  There are new tree plantations all over the Hebrides, a mix of native species and conifers, now we are adding our own plantations, maybe not on as large a scale as the millennium forest but our contribution to the planet.
Abhainn Dearg is committed to planting two trees, either Oak or Douglas Fir for each and every barrel we use. Already we have planted over two hundred trees around the distillery, but don’t expect a forest any time soon, these are for the benefit of our children and grandchildren, just something to give back to show we cared for the land we all love.

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