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We take conservation very seriously at Abhainn Dearg, it is part of our philosophy to replace like with like. To aid the environment and help benefit our islands so our children, and their children, can also reap the beauty that we have enjoyed so much.

 Cask of Abhainn Dearg

The bulk of the barrels used at Abhainn Dearg are American Oak having been used for Bourbon prior to export to the UK.  Legal restrictions state Bourbon barrels can be used only once and then discarded, so they are in plentiful supply.  When used for Scotch Whisky for the first time they are classed as new barrels.

Abhainn Dearg has utilized the site of a former fish farm, the buildings have been adapted for use and a new unit was built to house the distillery. The original hatchery pens, whilst feasible were being used to raise Brown Trout and Char which are re-stocking Loch Scaslavat. 

Marko feeding highland cattle

Although the herd are few in number they are big in terms of conservation. We have a mix of Highland Cattle and Highland X Shorthorn.  Some little known facts associated with Highland Cattle is they thrive on poor grazing, so their ability to improve scrubland makes them a valuable asset in conservation grazing. That thick woolly coat is cast in summer, but in winter they can survive in the harshest weather. In Sweden they are the only cattle allowed to out winter by law! 

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